This is the first in a series of introduction posts I’ve been planning for the new idol unit BiS (you can read a general overview about them here).

Before I begin, I have to make it clear that Pour Lui was not an artist I discovered through a news site, random late-night browsing on YouTube, or even a recommendation from friends. Rather, the first time I saw her face was in a Twitter follower notification sitting pleasantly in my inbox, which I found highly confusing. It took about five minutes of reading her profile for it to sink in that she was some kind of struggling idol wandering Twitter and following indiscriminate people — in fact, I remember one of her earliest tweets at the time of her following me, a bashful admission of being completely lost on the service and having been blindly instructed by a friend to follow whoever she happened to see.

Actually, if I’m going to be honest, it left me in the slightly awkward position of not knowing whether to follow back or pretend not to notice she was there. I’m kind of doing this with a really unabashedly horrible group as we speak. Even so, I was greatly intrigued by the idea of interesting new artists coming to me (how incredibly convenient!), so I took the opportunity to check her PVs out.

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