Outside of an entire troupe of Korean idol imports, it’s quite possible that MAA may have been the hottest debut to hit the Japanese pop scene in 2010. This is not to say that her sales were particularly shocking (although #158 isn’t horrible), that her music met with an extraordinarily favorable reception from the general Japanese public, or even that she was my personal favorite of the year’s new artists, as NIKIIE, of course, remains my queen. But there’s no denying that half-American MAA is getting some serious love from outside the country, a phenomenon that may best be represented through the singer’s Twitter, of all things, where she’s been replying non-stop to Western fan tweets. When you consider that her Japanese tweets are largely directed at friends, it’s a pretty strange situation that leaves me wondering just where exactly her Japanese fanbase lies.

But that’s a topic for another time, I suppose.

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