Stars in the blue sky is truthfully everything I’ve ever wanted my previous attempts at blogging to be.

Maybe you’re wondering what that means. I’ll tell you: this blog is the result of everything I never let myself do because I thought it wasn’t worth the time. It’s all the words I threw away when I realized, time and time again, that I’d wasted too much space talking about lyrics when I “should’ve” been dissecting song structure. It’s every random tidbit I read about an artist and kept safely tucked away for the far-off day when it’d become relevant to something. It’s every song I loved and couldn’t talk about because no one listened to what I listened to.

This isn’t really a review blog. It also isn’t really for news or anything like that, though these are both things that I will try to post, eventually. I think, more than anything, it’s for me to realize that blogs don’t all have to be nothing more than some arbitrary grade or rating. It’s my attempt to understand the music I love in a way that means something to me.

And if that’s what you like in a blog (which I hope it is), then read on, and I’ll try not to disappoint you. ♥