A quick update given the barren sort of atmosphere around here:

First of all, though it may not seem like a lot to some, I’ve officially surpassed 500 views on this blog and I wanted to thank everyone who’s ever read so much as a single post here for helping me to reach that milestone. Yes, even the many Googlers seemingly desperate to spoil themselves on the plot of Kokuhaku. I think I’d continue to write even without these views, but they definitely keep me aware of my audience, and it’s a relief to know that I have one. ♥

Life hasn’t been the best for me recently. Any time I’ve tried to write something in the past couple of weeks, the wind was promptly taken out of my sails, so to speak. I have, however, been focusing on a different project in an effort to remain productive! I’ve created tokyo smiling as a place to host my translations alongside the blog I have here. I’m far from being done working on it, but I’ll be getting things posted there gradually, so please feel free to keep an eye on it. :)

Next in line is part two of my BiS introduction posts (featuring my bias, actually), so hopefully I’ll be back to updating in a few days’ time!